You only get one life. Try to live it like you dreamed it.

Have you ever wonder what would be like to live in another country? To leave everything you know to start a new life?

I actually did it. I leave my country Venezuela (up north in South America) with my husband and my little precious Schnauzer dog and, we came to Lima, Perú.

I´ve had travel a lot in my life. Thanks to my parents, and an economy that always favored us, I had the chance to know many cities in Italy, Spain, USA.

But never had to leave my country permanently, I always had the chance to return home… Well, it´s a new beginning and a new chance to reinvent yourself.

This journey made me discover some unanswered questions I have. That´s why I opened this blog! 

I´m an actress, a graduated journalist, and I´ve never had the courage to talk about my journey in life. I love to talk to you about it.

But also about the things I´m most passionate about: new places, food, sunsets, theater, movies, coffee, problems, my mom and my dog. So, don´t worry if you see me shifting subjects all of a sudden.

I´ll also talk to you about this rough road to getting to know yourself, the search for purpose and finding out what I really want in life!

I´ll talk to you about the places I´ve been and the places I want to go to. Both out and inside myself.

I´ve decided I have to do what really makes me happy.

There´s only one life right? So let´s get started. To the moon and back.

Let´s become Moon Travelers together!

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